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Cocktail Calorie Countdown

This chart, with information from the National Institutes of Health, provides a rough idea of how many calories are in cocktails, based on recipes from some popular bartender guides. If you—or your bartender—pour with a heavier hand, as many people do, that can easily double or even triple the calories (as well as cause you to exceed the amount of alcohol you should consume in a day). Drinks also vary in calories depending on the recipe, as well as the type, brand, and percent alcohol of the liquor used. Cocktails typically average about 40 to 60 calories per ounce.

Cocktail Calories
Cosmopolitan, 2.75 oz 145
Daiquiri, 2 oz 110
Manhattan, 3.5 oz 165
Martini, 2.25 oz 125
Martini, extra dry, 2.25 oz 140
Margarita, 4 oz 170
Mojito, 6 oz 145
Piña colada, 9 oz 490
Whiskey sour, 3.5 oz 160

You can also use this online calculator from the NIH to get an approximation of the number of alcohol calories you consume in a week, but be sure to note that it is based on standard serving sizes, so you must adjust accordingly for larger-sized drinks.
Source: Berkeley Wellness